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More About Our Club

Every year the Dorset Koi Keepers have a photo show. During the year the club's photographer visit members ponds and photograph the fish the owners have selected to enter the competition. The club members then choose the winners of three size groups in either Go Sanke or Non Go Sanke

Dorset Koi Keepers

Members Ponds


The Dorset Koi Keepers ponds are all different and contrasting. However, in each and every situation the individual characteristics of each member's pond has been well defined. Many conform to the conventional type pond. The more adventurous of us favor an unconventional variety, well, we are all free ''thinkers''! Usually the size of the garden denotes the ponds dimensions.

Many of our members have relatively spacious gardens that allow their adrenalin to go into overdrive! Their versatility and constructive ideas produce flamboyant, extravagant and tastefully designed ponds with added features, such as picturesque waterfalls cascading over rocks and slate, splashing lazily into the depths of crystal clear water. Our members with smaller gardens have to work much harder to envisage a pond that blends rather than imposes upon their limited surroundings. This enigma calls for supercharged imaginations! Generally speaking, the smaller garden boasts a formal pond with perhaps a little added depth to compensate. However large or small their pond, our members' advocate their set up must incorporate sophisticated ideas and resourceful ingenuity. They are always seeking to formulate innovative concepts in the modern day world of koi keeping. To this end, the help and advice they receive from each other is unparalleled.

Dorset Koi Keepers

A Club Coach Trip

The day starts with a coach or mini-bus trip to the host club, and typically consists of five, or more, ponds.

The first stop starts with the breakfast stop, not only do we get to see a great pond with koi but we get given a breakfast normally consisting of tea or coffee as well as hot sausage or bacon rolls. The second and generally the fourth pond are true pond visits, however often have hot and cold drinks at hand. The lunch time stop, usually the third pond, allows us to take breath and have our packed lunches before starting anew in the afternoon. The day ends with a social event between the two clubs, either at the last ponds of the day or at the clubs usual meeting venue.

The variety of ponds visited during a day out is, just like our own club, varied and always enlightening, always giving new ideas for your own next pond build. Don't get the impression we only go on the trips for the food, we also look at a selection of superb ponds!

Each club we visit have a visit to us either before or after we have visited them. As always we must thank all the clubs we have visited over the year, and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future.