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The Myriad of Koi

All Koi are developed from the common carp but with years of breeding, the Japanese now recognize thirteen basic classes but we in the UK have 10 show classifications. These are recognised throughout the whole koi world.

Dorset Koi Keepers

These classes are based upon the Koi's markings, colours and/or scale type. Within each of these classes there are a number of sub categories.

Koi do not breed true having a pair of expensive show champion's means that out of 20,000 eggs only 10 will grow in to that perfect fish.

So with so many Koi being bred today, quite often a totally new combination is found, which may not fit in any of the categories. As they become more popular, some of these unique Koi will eventually become consistent enough for their features to form a new category. Use the picture to help recognise your own koi.